Rod's Essays

Food for Thought

Here are some essays I have been writing under the general heading of "Food for Thought". I have been writing them to capture some of my evolving perspectives on the world around us. They tend to be more editorial than documentary in nature. Most should stimulate more questions than they give answers.

Most of these are not new ideas. They have been topics of lively discussion and debate over the years with friends and colleagues. It is unfortunate that most of the topics deal with issues that make us uncomfortable. "Don't Worry - Be Happy" may be a nice song but it is a risky philosophy.

It is not important whether or not you agree with these perspectives. What is more important is that we give thought to what is happening around us rather than simply accepting the values we are constantly fed. Propaganda is not limited to communist and 3rd world countries. There is probably more in western society but it is less obvious because it comes from so many sources and in so many guises. We are blessed with almost unlimited sources of information but it only has value if consumed with discrimination. Beware of "Fast Food" information - it is no better for the mind than it is for the body!

The individual essays are formatted in a simple manner which should make them easy to print in case you prefer to do your thoughtful reading somewhere other than in front of a computer screen.

Here are the first entries on what I hope is a growing menu of Food for Thought.

Independent Thought

This "kick off" essay was actually stimulated by a reflection of the character of my bearded collies. It deals with the need for independent thought and why we seem reluctant to engage in it.

Well - What Did You Really Expect?

Some thoughts on the gap between expected and actual behavior.

What Do You Really Believe and Why?

A discussion of beliefs, why they are important and how we develop them.

Future Menu Items

You don't have to wait for me to give some thought to these topics.
  • Suprise Democracy - What do we expect when we focus on voting against rather than voting for?
  • Professional Sports - Who are we really supporting?
  • You Can't Buy Image - Are we really being sold something we can't buy?
  • Left vs Right - Why can't we find the best of both?
  • Who's Running this Circus? - Do we really understand who is calling the shots?
  • Recycling is a Good Idea But ... - A good idea for garbage but is it for art?
  • What's This Got To Do With Reality - Thoughts on the reality show craze?
  • Who Is Going To Pay the Bill? - Are we mortgaging our childrens' future?
  • What Good's a Gun When You Can't See the Thief? - More crimes are committed with a pen than with a gun.
  • Purging the Public Service - Will the Private Sector Really Save Us?
  • People vs Possessions - Where do we find the real pleasures of life?
  • ????